My Anti-Inflammatory Bibles

Here’s how I started down the path to anti-inflammatory eating: I had never heard of Ankylosing Spondylitis prior to my diagnosis. What information my fabulous Rheumatologist shared with me was to say the least – terrifying. So I started digging around the web for answers and support. I happened upon the Kick AS forum, and saw Carol Sinclair’s book referenced heavily as a solid guide to how to eat.

I did a bit of research on her prior to purchasing her book and learned that her story was eerily similar to mine. I was never diagnosed with IBS, but I had all of the symptoms of it for several years prior a full-blown joint/back/hip flare. Then I learned that from IBS and the aches and pains she had graduated to Ankylosing Spondylitis.  She’s just one woman, just like me – she had no answers but knew she had to do something. HER research started with believe it or not – Aleister Crowley (the occultist) and his ‘green apple diet’. She started with that concept, and went from there. Her concept was simple: Cut out starch and get your life back. The only problem I have with the Sinclair book is that I love to cook, and her food list is limited. I love to explore new tastes and combinations and the food outlined was simply not enough. However, her book gave me the concept of Anti-Inflammatory eating to get my A.S. under control so I expanded my knowledge with what I refer to as My Anti-Inflammatory Bibles:

Must Haves For Anti Inflammatory Eating

Must Haves For Anti Inflammatory Eating

  • How To Eat Away Arthritis – Lauri M. Aesoph
  • The Inflammation Free Diet Plan – Monica Reinagle
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods For Health – Rowe and Davis
  • The Mediterranean Diet – Marissa Cloutier and Eve Adamson
  • The Ultra Simple Diet – Mark Hyman

I also learned that I could have limited amounts of starch. I can’t have a piece of toast every day, but pasta once a week doesn’t do me in as long as I eat anti-inflammatory the day before and the day after. Rice flour is something I can tolerate. Most important and lucky for me, I don’t have any issues with nightshades. My non-scientific conclusion of trial and error and keeping a detailed “Here’s What I Ate and Here’s How I Felt The Next Day Food Diary” (strongly suggest this for a few months and taking it to your physician and nutritionist for additional guidance) is that it’s the gluten, the preservatives, the antibiotics, the steroids, and the processed You Idiot Named Adrienne.

Again, I’m giving the names of the books not for profit but to help someone swinging by here that is hurting and aching physically today. Start with the one of the first three as they have pretty impressive outlines showing you what you CAN eat as opposed to those things you can’t.  Before you proceed, please get tested fro gluten sensitivity, Celiac’s Disease and food allergies. Eating well should be an enhancement to proper health care and guidance by physicians and health professionals with specialized training in the spectrum of Auto Immune Diseases.

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